Krystian Wojcicki

Backend Developer

Hey, I am Krystian Wojcicki, a Computer Science student at Carleton University. I love doing deep-dives in highly technical problems, working with new up and coming technology and arguing about PUT vs POST usage.

If you want to learn more about me check out my resume

  • 2020
    • Spent some time studying Corona SDK and Godot for mobile game development
  • 2019, the year of internships
    • Amazon, Thinkbox
        Worked on some their artist tools (Krakatoa, Frost), in C++.
        Created a set of C++ tools around Krakatoa to reduce the artist's cost up to 20%
    • Scotiabank
      • Worked on PoC related to OpenFaaS, in addition (to privately) contributing to OpenFaaS.
      • Migrated an old C++ service to a Java Spring service with an Angular Frontend. Fully tested with Selenium + JUnit.
    • Nokia
        Created a Java based golden file testbed for the teams code generator.
        Created a regression framework utilizing Selenium/Javascript to fully automate the testing of the frontend.
        Fixed bugs along the way and added various features to their React based frontend + Java backend
  • 2018
      Finished up internship at Rockport and returned to school
  • 2017
    • Spent over a year interning at Rockport Networks, was nominated co-op of the year
      • Worked on a Golang Microservices ranging from simple services querying Elasticsearch/Postgres to services implementing complex business logic
      • Responsible for the authentication service utilizing LDAP + JWT
      • Assisted with the transition to Kubernetes
      • Fixed several interesting bugs related to our Elasticsearch usage, inspired me to begin my blog with this first post
    • Participated and won the Junior Carleton Codeguru Contest, went and competed with the Carleton team at the ICPC North Eastern Qualifiers.
    • Participated in the first ever CUHacking. Developed an app called Pay Up, utilized Google Cloud OCR to assist in the sharing of bills
  • 2016
    • Spent several months working part time at Authentiky.
      • Built several PoC around XMPP servers and client side libraries
      • Deployed PoC's to Amazon EC2
    • 4 month internship at Sidense (Now Synopsys)
      • Developed software to assist the company in receiving its ISO 9001 Certification
      • Initial exposure to MVC, Postgres and Business Process Management Tools
  • 2015