Fix Godot Tileset Pixel Bleeding

Fixing tileset pixel bleeding and visual artifacts in Godot

Posted by Krystian Wojcicki on Sunday, May 24, 2020 Tags: Tutorial   1 minute read


When using Godot’s tilemaps you may notice visual artifacts such as pixel bleeding. The following is an example of pixel bleeding

Example of pixel bleeding

Pixel bleeding typically occurs when you scale either the screen or tiles.


The cause for pixel bleeding is Godot’s default import filter setting. The filter setting causes tiles to blend with one another when scaling is performed.

To disable filtering, select your texture in the FileSystem panel

Example of selecting resource asset in FileSystem

Select the Import tab, disable Filter and most importantly, click Reimport (otherwise the changes won’t take effect)

Disabling filter in the import tab

This process needs to be done for all resources. Alternatively, you can update the Presets to have filtering disabled by default

Setting filter to be off by default

Once reimported, your viewport will re-render with the updated tilesets and the pixel bleeding will be resolved

Example of the fixed image